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Advanced Traceability Solutions
AgPack: Sanitizing and Hydro-cooling machines for farmers and packers
American Food Safety Institute
American Horticultural Society
American Institute of Baking: Food safety and audit program
Association of Fruit and Vegetable Inspection and Standardization Agencies

Basic Elements of a Sanitation Program for Food Processing and Food Handling: Instruction article by Ronald H. Schmidt, University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service
British Retail Consortium (BRC) Audit Info

The California Citrus Research Board: Basics of Good Agricultural Practices for Citrus Growers draft document
California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement
California OSHA Standards
Canadian Horticultural Council: On-Farm Food Safety Program for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Canada
Chemstar: Cleaning and Sanitizing
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Center for Science in the Public Interest Foodborne illness outbreak database
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Diseases and Conditions
Certified Water Testing Laboratories, New York State
COOL: Labeling
Commercial On-Farm Food Safety Practices - New Mexico State University and University of Hawaii at Manoa
Control Union Group
Cornell Composting, On-Farm Composting Handbook
Compost—Cornell Waste Management Institute
Cornell University Department of Horticulture Grower Page
Crisis Emergency Risk Communication: Centers for Disease Control and Defense Emergency and Risk Communication

Davis Fresh Technologies
Diversey: Cleaning and Sanitizing

ECOLAB: Cleaning and Sanitizing
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: EPA: Information on Water issues
European Commission on Food Safety
The Extension Disaster Education Network - EDEN

Farm Worker Education—H1N1: CDC H1N1 Interim Guidance for Employers
FDA Bad Bug Book: Microorganism facts
FDA Preventing Listeriosis in Pregnant Hispanic Women in the U.S.:
English and Spanish

FDA's Role in Traceback Investigations for Produce
Fight Bac! Partnership for Food Safety Education
Flo-Tec: Water Treatment Solutions
Food Marketing Institute
Food Safe Schools: Food Safety Curriculum and Action Guide for Schools
Food Safety and Produce Information University of California
Food Safety Music: Carl Winter, Ph.D., University of California, Davis
Food Safety Research Information Office
Fresh Produce & Floral Council
Fundamentals of Composting

GAPs at University of California, Davis
Global Food Safety Initiative

HACCP Principles and Guidelines
Henry the Hand: Champion Handwasher

Illinois Institute of Technology—Institute for Food Safety and Health
International Association for Food Protection
International Fresh-cut Produce Association
Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest
The Irrigation Association

Kids World: Food Safety for kids from North Carolina State University

Mesa Waste Services: Toilet Rental Co-op
MSU Agrifood Safety Workgroup

National Association of Farmers Markets
National Organic Program Certification
National Sanitation Foundation
Commercial On-Farm Food Safety Practices: New Mexico State University and University of Hawaii at Manoa
New Mexico State University Water Publication Listing
New York State Agricultural Society
New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets
New York State Vegetable Growers Association
North Dakota State University Information for Dealing with Floods
North Carolina Fresh Produce Safety
North Dakota State University Irrigation Pump Information
NSF Davis Fresh

Occupational Safety & Health Administration - OSHA: Information on worker issues
OSHA State Plans: Links to OSHA per State
OU - Kosher Certification

Penn State Food Safety
Portable Sanitation Association International
Postharvest Technology at University of California, Davis
Porta John Portable Toilets
PrimusLabs: Food safety and audit program
Produce Marketing Association
Produce Safety Alliance
Proven Portable Toilets

Rutgers University-Vegetable Crops Online Resources Center

Safe Quality Food
Satellite Industries- Portable Toilets
Scientific Certification Systems: Food safety and audit program
ScoringAg Traceback and recordkeeping
Scrub Club Handwashing
Stone Industries: Portable Toilets
Swine Flu - CDC H1N1 Interim Guidance for Employers

Tesco/Nature's Choice: Texas A & M: Good Agricultural Practices for Production, Handling and Shipping of Fresh Market Spinach—PDF
Texas A&M Irrigation, Water Quality and Water Management
Readilite & Barricade Portable Toilets

United Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association
United Fresh—Guidance on Environmental Monitoring and Control of Listeria for the Fresh Produce Industry
The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, Western Vegetable Quality
University of Arizona, Determining the Amount of Irrigation Water Applied to a Field
University of California Cooperative Extension Vegetable research & Information Center
University of Florida Disinfection/Sanitation Systems, Listing of Companies and Manufacturers: Click on "Postharvest Resources" in the menu listing
University of Florida, Measuring Irrigation Water
University of Hawaii at Manoa, Dept. of Tropical Plant & Soil Sciences
University of Massachusetts: The Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment
University of Minnesota, Agricultural Safety and Health
University of Minnesota, Nitrogen Application with IrrigationWater-Chemigaton
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Publications
US Composting Council
USDA ARS: Agricultural Research Service
USDA Food Preparation and Handling
USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service
USDA GAPs GHP: Fresh Produce Audit Verification Program
US FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN),
including the Bad Bug Book

US FDA/CFSAN: Produce Safety From Production to Consumption: 2004 Action Plan to Minimize Foodborne Illness Associated with Fresh Produce Consumption
U.S. Geological Survey - USGS: Information on water issues

Washington State University Composts and Nutrient Management
Water disinfection hands-on information and instructions from UC Davis GAPs group.: Chlorine information, relevant concentrations for your operation etc.
Waste Management—Cornell Waste Management Institute
Western Growers
Water Testing Labs (NY)

Zep Manufacturing: Cleaning and maintenance products